Canon and McAfee: Increased Endpoint Security for Printing Solutions

Canon and McAfee: Increased Endpoint Security for Printing Solutions | Loffler

Network-connected copiers and printers are often an overlooked cybersecurity vulnerability. Now, manufacturers of these devices are increasing security features to keep your systems from getting hacked.

Earlier this year, Canon announced a partnership with McAfee to expand their printing solutions by increasing endpoint security protection on multifunction printers (MFPs).  

Which machines will now benefit from McAfee's security offerings, and what can organizations with Canon MFPs expect?

Increased Endpoint Security: Canon Partners with McAfee for Printing Solutions

In July of 2019, Canon announced a partnership with McAfee to offer standardized security software on third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE third edition multifunction printers (MFPs) 

Canon, known for its photography and printing products, makes MFPs that are easy to use and provide consistent performance. McAfee is a device-to-cloud cybersecurity company that has become a household name for its home computer antivirus protection products. McAfee’s solutions also extend to businesses, providing enterprise security IT infrastructures around the world.  

Ensuring Endpoint Security Means Protecting Your Copiers and Printers

Copiers and printers make us more productive. Many connect to an internal network and to the internet to integrate with computers, mobile devices and cloud applications. 

As the number of connected devices increases, the risk of cyber-attacks increases with it. Hackers can easily gain access to your network through unprotected copiers and printers. Read our post about how attacks like these work. 

When copiers and printers are left as unsecured endpoints on your network, confidential data is left vulnerable, like business planning documents, Social Security Numbers, drivers licenses, bank account numbers, paystubs, accounting information and customer/patient data. 

Taking steps to improve the security of endpoints like printers and copiers helps keep data secure. 

Canon's Partnership with McAfee: Printing Solutions with Endpoint Security

The partnership between Canon and McAfee brings McAfee Embedded Control cybersecurity software to third generation imageRUNNER Advance 3rd edition MFPs.   

McAfee Embedded Control is the same cybersecurity technology used to protect ATMs and point-of-sale systems around the world from malware attacks. 

Endpoint Security Protections offered by McAfee Embedded Control include:

Intelligent Whitelisting
Stops unauthorized applications and outside threats from accessing your network-connected MFPs, blocking data breach attempts and preventing malware access.

Update Control
Only Canon-approved and authorized firmware updates are allowed to stop unauthorized changes or updates from being applied to your machines. 

McAfee’s cybersecurity controls now come standard on third-generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE third edition MFPs. If you already have these models installed in your office, they can be updated to include the McAfee protection. Contact Loffler to learn more.  

As with any cybersecurity measures, you need the tools to keep you secure and you need to use them correctly. Having security features in place will not prevent all security issues from occurring, as many factors can impact the security of your devices.

We encourage a multi-layered approach to any security strategy. Endpoint security like what is now offered through Canon and McAfee’s printing solutions partnership is a useful tool to be used within that multi-layered approach.  

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