Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Making a Positive Impact in Our Community.

Lessening our footprint in the world benefits our clients, partners, employees and community. From recycling the smallest toner bottles and tubes to energy-efficient office lighting throughout our main office, Loffler is committed to ensuring a healthy future for our planet. We know that being an environmentally aware company helps us and our clients save money, and makes our communities safer and healthier.

Our environmental initiatives include:


Saving Energy:

  • 95% of work orders are digital to save paper.
  • IT fixes are often completed remotely to save gas and reduce pollution.
  • If the service cannot be fixed remotely, small service territories are established to limit travel and gas usage.
  • Most of our service technician vehicles are hybrids or rated for high mpg (26 mpg on average).
  • Motion-detecting lights are installed in large rooms to save on lighting costs.
  • Our corporate headquarters runs on an energy-efficient, climate-controlled HVAC system.


  • We recycle printer and copier drums, imaging units, and toner bottles.
  • All cardboard and packaging materials from purchased products are recycled.
  • Plastics and metals from all used electronics are recycled.
  • Lead from circuit boards is recaptured and used in new products.