Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation

The spoken word is fleeting. When what you say matters, you need voice recording services. Doctors, attorneys, call centers and more use dictation and transcription services to document and track critical information. Loffler gives you the technology to capture high-quality sound and will help you organize, store, share and transcribe all recordings.

The years of tape-based services have given way to digital- and server-based voice capture systems. It is even possible to use your smart phone for efficient dictation on the go. Loffler works with you to fully understand your needs and presents the systems and options that are best for you.

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Handheld Digital Recorders
We live in an on-the-go world and Loffler carries and supports a variety of handheld digital recorders for capturing high-quality sound anytime, anywhere. Executives, doctors, law enforcement officials, reporters, musicians and more have unique needs and Loffler can help anyone find reliable, affordable handheld digital recorders.

Loffler offers high-quality recording for use with speech recognition, encryption to meet evolving privacy standards, full featured dictation functions and mobile software recording solutions for use with smart phones.


Dictation Workflow Solutions
Do you or your employees spent hours searching for a digital file within a disorganized network? Or hunting for a tape in need of transcription? It's time to stop searching and get back to work.

The workflow specialists at Loffler will assess your current transcription workflow processes and identify opportunities for improvement. With Loffler as your partner, you'll have a strategy to improve organization, increase productivity and cut costs.


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Loffler provides Dictation and Transcription Solutions to the Greater Twin Cities area. Areas served in Minnesota include Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, Wilmar, Northfield, and surrounding MN areas. In Wisconsin, we provide Handheld Digital Recorders and Workflow Solutions to Hudson, Rice Lake, Eau Claire, and surrounding areas in Western WI. If you have any questions about service availability, please Contact Loffler and our experts will help set you up with a managed print solution.