Meeting Room Recording

Meeting Room Recording

Meeting Room Recording

Liberty Key Features:

  • Record and/or live stream, audio and video of meetings
  • Create bookmarks and notes
  • Quick transfer to CDs, DVDs or other storage media

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Whether your meetings are public or private, you’re often required to make meticulous note of what happens during them. If you’re still taking minutes by hand or are using analog tapes to record meetings, welcome to the 21st century.

The Liberty meeting room recorder can record, and even live stream, audio and video of meetings. Simple PC-based software allows users to create bookmarks and notes can easily be transcribed and even posted online. Files can be quickly transferred to CD’s, DVDs or any other storage media.

Don’t count on freehand note taking to get the job done, contact the Liberty specialists at Loffler now. Make your meetings memorable with quick, easy and accurate notes.

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