Temperature Screening Kiosk Demo

Temperature reading kiosks scan for whether a person has an elevated temperature.

See how a kiosk checks for elevated temperatures in this demonstration video:

Temperature screening kiosks offer many features that are not pre-configured on the machine.

Loffler’s solution includes implementation and configuration of many options and integrations, including: 

  • Email, on-screen and/or audible notifications  
  • Door access integration
  • ID badge and ticket printing
  • Customizable SQL reporting
  • Elevated temperature alarm thresholds  
  • Compensation for temperature variations  
  • Body temperature settings 
  • Mask detection 
  • Taking and storing pictures (on or off) 
  • Data storage planning and security 
  • Stranger alarm (on or off) 
  • Three different relay modes and delays  
  • Password settings

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