Loffler Network Installation Checklist

Loffler Network Installation Checklist


We are preparing to install new devices at your company. Please answer the questions below and submit them to ensure a seamless install process.

IT Must Haves

1. What is the name of your company?

2. How many people work for your company?

3. Will you be onsite during the installation?

3a. If the answer is no, please provide your direct contact information



4. What is the IP address?

4a. Will there be DHCP reservations?

4b. Do MAC addresses need to be established?

** Note: If installing like equipment it is possible to export the address book in order to import into the new equipment. This would be required prior to unplugging the old machine.

5. Scan to email

5a. What kind of Authentication are you using?

5b. What is the User Name?

5c. What is the password?

6. Scan to Folder (SMB)

6a. What is the fully qualified folder path? Ie: (\\ServerIP\folder\folder\folder)

6b. What is the User Name?

6c. What is the Password?

7. Printing

7a. Are you printing from a server?

If No, how many users will be printing per device?

7b. What driver will be required? Ie: (PCL, PS, Fax, UFRII)

7c. If a server is not available, which 5 workstations would you like us to load the drivers on?

8. Will you be using Login numbers? Aka (Account Codes, Account Tracking, Authentication)

8a. Will the key operators or IT person be available for set up and training on this option?

Contact Name


8b. Are you using login numbers or codes on the old equipment?

9. Do you currently use the Mailbox/User Box feature?

9a. If Yes, please plan accordingly to print out stored documents, or send them to a computer prior to pick up and install of new equipment.

Please leave this field empty.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact: mfpconnectivity@loffler.com or place a call through our client services team: service@loffler.com 952-925-6868.