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Transform your paper clutter into valuable digital data that is easily shared, managed, and tracked. Loffler provides a variety of Canon scanning equipment to meet your needs and will help you select the scanner that best serves you.

Office Scanners

Canon office scanners are ideal for the generally distributed scanning of a variety of document types. In corporate or remote offices, Canon office scanners, with speeds from 10 to 80 pages per minute and flatbed options, modernize paper-based processes for individuals and small workgroups. Legal, financial, and healthcare industries, as well as the government sector, can benefit from Canon's small size and ease of use. When combined with the bundled software, these scanners can be used for converting documents into editable electronic files through file archiving, retrieval, sharing, PDF creation and more.

Production Scanners

No matter which model you choose, innovation and value come standard. With speeds from 100 to 130 page per minute and flatbed options, Canon production scanners offer the kind of high-performance features that make converting paper documents to electronic files easier. High-speed precision feeding technology, compact design, high-speed color capability and flexible configuration options give you the imaging muscle you need.

Canon Colortrac SC 42c Xpress Scanner

Networked Scanners

Canon Networked Scanners are full-featured, easy to use devices for capturing, converting, and sharing documents. With speeds from 25-35 pages per minute, they are designed to simplify the distribution of business information across a network to specified destinations while improving the security of the data being shared, maintaining information quality, and lowering overall workplace costs. Network scanners are ideal for manufacturing, financial services, legal services, healthcare, and other industries that benefit from the easy and secure distribution of documents within their business processes.

Mobile Scanners

Canon mobile scanners are ideal for general purpose scanning by stationary users and “road warriors” of various items, including receipts, business cards, photographs, bills, contracts, reports, letters, plastic ID cards, driver licenses, and more, wherever they might be. Whether used at home or in the office, mobile scanners can help improve personal efficiency, organization, and productivity. Users can benefit from its ultra-compact size and flexibility, scanning items with ease, helping reduce paper in the process.


Tens of thousands of organizations, including law firms, medical facilities, and international businesses, use fax machines every day. Loffler offers a wide variety of high-quality Canon fax machines as well as one-time and on-going maintenance services to fit your budget and needs. Canon's Laser Class fax products are the industry standard for high quality, plain paper faxes. Canon fax machines are incredibly fast with laser output and enormous document memories, keeping your office productivity at its highest.

Loffler carries and supports a full line of Canon fax products. Let's make sure you're communicating at the speed of light.

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