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The ultimate multitasking tool is speech recognition software. When you’re a busy professional, you can save time and money by turning your voice into text documents, spreadsheets, email and more. Speed and accuracy are essential in the medical, legal, and government sector, and Loffler has the solutions you need. Start feeling the benefits of speech recognition software.

Speech Recognition Solutions for Medical, Legal & Government

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Dragon Speech Recognition

Need fast and secure speech recognition and processing technology? With industry-leading speech processing technology, see why so many medical, legal and law enforcement professionals rely on Dragon.

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Dolbey Speech Recognition

Your healthcare organization can save time, money, space, and headaches simply by updating your dictation and transcription workflow. Dolbey systems automate dictation and transcription with easy-to-use applications that are flexible and configurable.

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Philips Speech Recognition

Crystal-clear speech recognition solutions enable your need for your healthcare organization, law, or government office to provide the highest level of services to the people who depend on you.

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