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We live in an on-the-go world and Loffler carries and supports a variety of mobile device voice recorders for capturing high-quality sound anytime, anywhere. Executives, doctors, law enforcement officials, reporters, musicians, and more have unique needs and Loffler can help anyone find the reliable, affordable digital recorder that's right for them.

Loffler offers high-quality speech recognition recording, encryption privacy, full-featured dictation functions, and mobile software recording solutions for use with mobile devices to provide you with even more flexibility.

When you need compact, secure, high-powered recording on-the-go, we can help.

Mobile Device Recording for Healthcare, Legal & Government



Philips Digital Recorders

With a large touchscreen display and built-in file encryption technology, Philips handheld digital voice recorders are a perfect fit for legal, medical, or government settings. See how simple and secure your recording can be with Philips.

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Philips Smart Voice Recorder Brochure

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Olympus Digital Recorders

Doctors, lawyers, and government employees rely on dictation and transcription technology to create relevant, up-to-date, and confidential records. If your recording hardware is sub-par, you could re-dictate information, or worse, lose irreplaceable information. Don’t waste time; use a professional-grade, high-quality Olympus handheld digital recorder to accurately and efficiently process your thoughts.

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Healthcare Mobile Recording App


IQMAX Mobile Recording App

Built with the medical professional in mind, IQMAX technology streamlines the flow of information from each and every patient interaction. If you need to consolidate information from many different sources and make it accessible to others in your organization, IQMAX mobile medical technology can help.

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