Loffler Management Solutions Offers New Solution to Produce Client Investment Reviews

Loffler Management Solutions Offers New Solution to Produce Client Investment Reviews

Loffler Management stanton_group_LSolutions Offers New Solution to Produce Client Investment Reviews

Since its inception in 1953, Stanton Group has evolved from a single service provider, offering deferred compensation administrative services, to a total solution provider with highly diversified product and service offerings. Stanton Group has grown over the years by acquiring organizations that specialize in various aspects of employee benefits and compensation. Their full-service, open architecture platform incorporates consulting and administrative services to meet employers’ broad range of benefit and compensation needs. Stanton Group currently serves over 2,500 clients nationwide.

Business Problem or Opportunity Identified

The Administrative Assistants for Stanton Group produce quarterly Investment Reviews to send to their clients. These documents were being produced on a convenience-style color copier and were then being wire bound by the Administrative Assistants. This amounted to hundreds of hours of extra work for the packets to be produced multiple times a year.

Solution Delivered

The Loffler Management Solutions answer to this problem was to move the production of these quarterly investment reviews to the Service Center and to take it off of the hands of the stretched Administrative Assistants. LMS production staff there could produce the Investment Reviews more productively and cost effectively on its high-speed color copiers. More efficient finishing equipment was also placed that greatly decreased the time spent on production.

Benefit of Solution to Client

With LMS taking over producing the documents on its production color copier, Stanton Group staff has more time to work on other projects that generate revenue and improve client satisfaction. Estimated labor savings alone to Stanton Group is $13,000 annually. Also, the cost per packet was significantly reduced by moving this to the production level, high quality printer and in utilizing the service center finishing equipment.

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