VoIP Communication

VoIP Communication

VoIP Phone and Voice Solutions

Enabling Communication on any Device, from any Location,
on any Network

PhonesWe all know trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. Let the experts at Loffler create a customized voice solution tailored to your organization’s ever-changing communication demands. We evaluate how you are using your current business technology and find ways to optimize performance, often at a better price!

Our dedicated specialists deliver reliable, manageable and scalable solutions that live up to our superb reputation, and confirm why we are the experts. 

Our Services Include:

  • Cloud/Hosted VoIP   Learn more.
    Cloud Computing, often called “hosted” or “software as a service,” is a new paradigm in which cloud applications and VoIP phone systems are located in secure data centers, accessed through the Internet or private connections. Selection of a cloud-based VoIP alternative eliminates IT headaches, reduces resource costs and frees up your team for work that relates to your core business. 
  • Unified Communications  Learn more.
    Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, video conferencing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition with services such as integrated voice mail, e-mail, & fax. UC provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple devices and media-types.
  • Call Center Solutions  Learn more.
    Voice and data monitoring offers valuable insights for improved performance and cost savings. Use voice and data monitoring to:
    • Evaluate employee performance
    • Create & distribute performance reports
    • Train staff on techniques & best practices
    • Observe interactions 
    • Collect customer feedback
    • Store voice recordings & screen captures
  • Mobility
    Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate smart phones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively, with existing enterprise infrastructure. An enterprise mobility solution makes it easy for your workforce to embrace BYOD (bring your own device), allowing everyone to communicate on the devices of their choice, from any location on any network.
  • Connectivity

    Our network connectivity solutions range from local phone and internet service integration to designing a strategy for your organization to communicate globally over a secure and reliable infrastructure. Our industry-leading designs are created to meet an organization’s multitude of requirements while considering for growth and expansion.


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