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The Evolution of Multifunctional Devices

Customized solutions create platforms for mobile and secure printing, advanced scanning workflows and fleet optimization, generating efficiency and cost savings

evolution of MFDsWhen the copy machine first came to market in 1959, no one could have predicted that in an age of computers and advanced technology it would become a multi-functional device (MFD) that is the foundation of an efficient office. In the “security and compliance environment” of today’s organizations, technology has become our best friend (and sometimes our worst enemy). Multi-functional devices have offered print, copy, scan, and fax functionality for years, but as technology has advanced, MFDs have evolved into a single platform that enables hardware consolidation and creates significant cost savings, and efficiencies. 

A customized MFD workflow technology solution offers the following features: 

1. Secure, Follow-Me-Printing & Mobile Print

Through the use of one universal print driver, users can print to any device within an organization, at any location or campus. With a quick scan of an HID badge, or through code authentication, users can securely and easily release print jobs. This eliminates unattended output and wasted printing, and can cut costs by an average of 22 percent. 

2. Customized Scanning Workflows

One of the greatest assets of an MFD with customized software is the high-speed on-ramp they provide to the back end of any type of document management system, including those in use by the largest and smallest electronic document systems available. 

3. Fleet Optimization/Print Management Strategy 

With the advancement in MFD technology, devices have become more powerful, allowing them to work smarter and quicker, remain secure and reduce print waste. Working with a partner to create a strategy to optimize the number of devices in your environment reduces costs, increases efficiency and can collapse your technology footprint creating more space for vital work functions.


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