Tech Fest 2016 Sessions

Tech Fest 2016 Sessions

Tech Fest 2016 Session Descriptions

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Top IT Challenges Panel Discussion: 8:30-10:00 a.m.

Twin Cities business leaders will discuss how technology trends affect business, when to adopt them, how to cope with them, how to avoid security breaches, moving data to the the cloud and more.

Featured Panelists include: 

  • Bob DuBois, Chief Information Officer, Briggs & Morgan

  • Niel Devasir – VP/Chief Information Officer, Spire Credit Union

  • Joseph Fousek – Chief Information Officer, Fredrickson & Byron

  • Jamie Page, Chief Information Officer, Slumberland

• Windows 10: The Next Chapter” – What’s old is new!  (Sessions 2 & 4)
Join us for a deep dive, live demonstration and learn why you should upgrade. Presented by Microsoft

• Creating the Smart Enterprise (Session 2)
Consumer and Business Technology is evolving rapidly.  Many organizations struggle with the complexity, cost and inefficiencies of the multiple technologies needed to securely communicate, collaborate and support clients in today’s world.  Tying all of this together and making it all simple is the concept of Smart Enterprise. This session will cover the concept of the Smart Enterprise with a focus on secure communication, collaboration and the Internet of Everything. Presented by NEC

• Defending against Modern Malware (Session 2)
Cyber-attacks once were mainly the concern of governments, large corporations and other highly visible networks. Not anymore. The financial rewards generated from the theft of credit card information and other sensitive data gave rise to a new breed of malware, the polymorphic threat, and with it, the amount of malware has skyrocketed. Most of today’s malware is polymorphic and highly adept at changing its identity to evade standard, signature-based security platforms. Alone, these platforms will not recognize many of these threats. Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, increase the threat level by employing sophisticated evasion capabilities to get payloads past a network’s defenses where they persist, undetected. APTs are targeted to an organization or a specific technology and often leverage zero day vulnerabilities – flaws for which no patch is available and no signature has been written. Any organization can become a victim.” Presented by WatchGuard

Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure (Sessions 2 & 3)
Hybrid is a reality. Extracting optimum performance and efficiency from your applications is essential. The best environment for your applications, whether traditional, mobile or cloud-native is unique to your business. Presented by HP

The Future of the Datacenter (Session 2)
See what the future datacenter might look like. Learn what hyper convergence and hybrid cloud could mean for your business. Dell’s Storage Center platform is already an industry leader in mid-range storage systems. Learn more about Dell’s EMC integration and its future storage platforms. Presented by Dell

True Business Continuity: Employees, Outages, Failures, Oh My!  (Sessions 2 & 3)
In this educational session, we will uncover the most recent innovations in business continuity technology, and the best ways in which you can protect your business data. Explore the most common and unexpected types of disasters impacting your businesses uptime and the true hard cost of that time. The average small-medium business will experience 17.82 hours of down time per year ; do you know how much money that will cost you? Using our 8 question calculator, we’ll run through real examples in order to show you how to monetize these risks. Presented by Datto

Digital Transformation (Session 2)
In any business environment, the free and secure flow of information is essential. However, traditional methods of organizing, storing, and sharing such information on paper are often inefficient. Come and learn how Therefore’s Information Management Software makes it economically possible for your business to decrease your reliance on paper and the need for manual processing, thereby increasing the access, control and security of information throughout your business. Presented by Therefore

Moving Your Business Forward with Office 365 (Sessions 3 & 5)
Learn how to leverage the power and simplicity of Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. Presented by Microsoft.

Build A Secure & Unified Print Strategy (Session 3)
Explore the best practices and strategies to bring security authentication, improve scanning workflow and streamline driver deployment to your multifunctional devices while reducing dependencies on single function printers. Presented by Loffler

Cyber Crime Comes to Main Street (Session 3)
Are cyber criminals hiding in your small business or government agency?  Nearly half of small business have been victims of cyber-attack. Learn why small and midsize businesses are hackers’ favorite new targets, find out where these new threats are coming from and how to keep them out of your network. Learn how to protect your business, even without big-time IT resources. Presented by WatchGuard

• From Desk to Data Center (Session 3)
Looking for a great solution for your entire technology infrastructure? Discover the best products and strategies for your workplace. Learn why the Gartner Group says “Dell Networking has been the most innovative and most disruptive mainstream data center networking vendor in the market over the last 12 months and has now emerged as a top four player in the data center networking space.” Presented by Dell

Bridge the Gap from Paper-Based Forms to a Digital Mobile Process (Session 3)
Operational flexibility gives you the ability to change how your organization handles information and/or situations to meet its customers’ ever-evolving needs. Mobile workforces are still utilizing paper-based technology causing a delay in processing time sensitive information. Learn to utilize digital forms to eliminate lag time in processing data, capturing digital signatures, and even uploading images on your document; utilizing mobile technology and making your business more productive while saving money. Presented by ObjectifLune

Sharing Cyber Threat Information: What Companies need to Know about CISA (Session 4)
For businesses, cyber threats and attacks are real and they are expensive. A recent study published by IBM and the Ponemon Institute states that the average total cost of a data breach in the US is $7 million or approximately $221 per record. One potential way an organization can mitigate cost and improve security standing is to voluntarily participate in information sharing under the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (“CISA”). Through interactive case scenarios this seminar will discuss:
1. The pros and cons of sharing or receiving information under CISA
2. The final guidance issued by federal agencies in 2016 for non-federal entities that elect to share cybersecurity information with the federal government under CISA, as well as examples of  Cyber threat Indicators (CTIs) and Defensive Mechanism (DMs), protection of privacy and civil liberties, information Sharing Mechanisms and procedures for receiving CTIs and DMs. While this session will not tell you whether or not your organization should share information under CISA, you will leave with plenty think about. Presented by Loffler

Unified Communications: Putting it All Together (Session 4)
In today’s working world, your office/work environment may not be a place you go, but a thing you do, wherever you are. This means that organizations are feeling pressure to offer their users robust, unified communication platforms that allow them to work how they want while providing enhancement to their workflow and communications methods. Integrating components such as voice, email, instant messaging, presence, calendaring, web & audio conferencing and desktop sharing are becoming standard requirements but not always easy to deploy into one, easy-to-use platform.

Maybe you have questions like, “How do I integrate Skype for Business with an IP Phone System?” or “Our organization is committed to Microsoft 365, Microsoft IM and presence, how does that work with an IP Phone System?” Are you looking for ways to improve your customer experience by integrating into Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force or other CRM packages? And then when all of those questions are answered organizational leaders must also determine which of the various deployment and consumption models such as Cloud, Onsite, Hybrid are the best fit. Come and learn the answers to these questions and determine what Unified Communications model fits your organization the best. Presented by ShoreTel

Enable Workforce Productivity (Session 4)
The workplace is everywhere and deliverying a superior user experience to your customers, employees and partners is a major driver of productivity. Presented by HP

Become the Department of YES (Session 4)
It’s time to stop saying NO out of fear with a radically different point of view made possible by adaptive, risk-based security. With it, you can govern every identity and inspect every packet, achieving better outcomes fast and more securely. So, start pushing beyond traditional boundaries, drive into the cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things.  It’s time to become the Department of YES. Presented by Dell

Understand and Prevent Common Information Security Threats (Session 4)
Explore three of the most common information security threats and learn why common security practices are failing. We’ll also discuss critical controls that can reduce your risk. Presented by Loffler

Information Management in the Cloud (Session 4)
No server? No problem! Therefore’s Information Management Cloud Solution can capture all the benefits of information management, minus the hassle and upfront costs of owning and maintaining a server. Work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively while fully leveraging your business information. Presented by Therefore

It’s Not Just About Backup and Recovery (Session 5)
At this session you will learn how to transform your data into a powerful strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable you to protect, access and use all of your data — anywhere and anytime. Presented by CommVault

Managing your Cloud Identity (Session 5)
Many of the applications we use today are hosted in the cloud, with new cloud applications coming out every day that range from well-known cloud applications like to a myriad of cloud applications that track payroll, PTO, expenses and more. All of these applications require their own usernames and passwords and the issue becomes tracking 20 usernames and passwords. Complicating that is the fact you want the passwords to be complex and not reused for each cloud application. Fortunately, there is an answer!  Learn how to resolve this issue and add security to cloud applications and overall identity management in the cloud era. Presented by Loffler

The Digital Workplace: the time is NOW (Session 5)
“The biggest technology transition ever” is how John Chambers, the executive director of Cisco Systems describes the coming digital era. And, he’s not alone. Pundits from many major consulting firms including Deloitte, Forrester, Gallup, Gartner, McKinsey, and Price Waterhouse Coopers agree. The digital era is upon us. In a recent Gartner survey “72 percent of the participants are expecting to complete their transition within the next two years.” Chambers goes on to say, “As leaders, if you don’t transform and use this technology differently–if you don’t reinvent yourself, change your organization structure; if you don’t talk about speed of innovation–you’re going to get disrupted.” Hear how Loffler Companies IT Managed Services plans to assist its customers in their transition to the digital workplace. Presented by Loffler

Improve ROI and streamline operations and with Business Intelligence, Partner Portals, Mobile Apps and Geographical Mapping Systems (Session 5)
This session will provide ideas for improved business investment to improve ROI and streamline operations with data on Google and Bing maps, Geo-spatial mapping capabilities & mobile business applications. Presented by Loffler

Faxing isn’t Dead; It’s Just Moving to the Cloud (Session 5)
Faxing continues to be an important means of communication for many businesses. Fax server and hosted fax service offerings together form the only solution to seamlessly integrate both on-premises and cloud faxing for a completely seamless end user experience – go from server to cloud and back with no interruptions. This powerful combination provides an instant high availability deployment, peak load capability, and a cost-effective per-page fax rate. Presented by Biscom


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