A Statement in Response to the Death of George Floyd

Dear Members of the Loffler Community,

Something good must come out of the heartbreaking death of George Floyd and so many others. Let it begin with us condemning these acts of injustice and violence.

Loffler will leverage this time to drive change by embracing the diversity of ideas and backgrounds from our team members, clients and our communities. We are listening and learning as a company committed to serving and giving back to the communities in which we serve.

But words are empty without action.

We are working corporately and individually to identify the best way to help during this time of crisis and into the future. To raise awareness of racism in our society, Loffler is committing to on-going education around unconscious bias including implementing required training, book studies and other ways we can participate in changing racist thoughts and behaviors in ourselves and in our communities. 

We will work toward assisting in the change that is long overdue in our communities and the world, in all the ways we can – starting with our employees and our local communities. We have employees in the affected communities assisting in the rebuilding efforts who we will continue to encourage and support.

This is a start. More is required of us. We are committed to expanding our involvement. We have a community involvement team in place, which is actively working to implement long-term ways we can serve and support the Black community, not just now, but on an on-going basis. In the name of George Floyd and the many that came before him, we will work diligently on the fight for the change that is needed.