Security Incident Response Planning Engagement

Does your organization have a plan for how to respond to a cyber security incident?

Most cyber insurance underwriters are requiring that organizations have a formal written plan to follow in the event of an actual or suspected cyber security incident. We’ll work with you to customize an Incident Response Policy (IR Policy) that concisely states the business requirements and an Incident Response Plan (IR Plan) that contains the detailed playbook of how to respond during an actual or suspected security incident. The process is interactive and educational and the resulting IR Policy and IR Plan will be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.


  • Policy drafting workshop with a Cybersecurity consultant
  • Creation of an Incident Response Policy
  • Creation of an Incident Response Plan
  • Policy and Plan are aligned with NIST 800 requirements

Special Price:  $1950  (Regular Price: $2750)

This incident response engagement promotion meets one common cyber insurance underwriting requirement, and common requirements for many other security assessments and audits.

Your organization with have a formal Incident Response Policy and Plan so you can be prepared to respond appropriately to major and minor security incidents.

Watch how a conversation about risk and business continuity saved one company from shutting down during a disaster.


Special Price: $1,950

(Regular price: $2,750)

Let's Talk Incident Response Planning

"We basically bought a redundant system and located it in an offsite data center. If something were to happen to our primary data center we would be able to fail over all of our systems to the offsite location in minutes, not days."
Andy Jordan, President, Total Tool Supply
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