Level 1 Security Assessment

Find out what cyber security risks exist in your organization and which ones to focus on over the next 12 to 24 months.

The S2Org Level 1 Security Assessment is a comprehensive assessment designed to identify both technical and organizational risks in an organization. Loffler's experts look at policies and procedures, physical security, and technical aspects of security.

If your organization has already gone beyond “taking security seriously” more in-depth assessment options with promotional pricing are available.

Promotional Price:  $5,950 (Regular price: $6,950)


  • Comprehensive assessment of 120 industry standard security controls
  • Internal vulnerability scan for one business location
  • External vulnerability scan for one business location
  • S2Score risk rating
  • Full reports of findings and recommendations
  • 24-month action plan
  • Presentation to Executive Team

This risk assessment identifies vulnerable systems, missing patches, misconfigured systems, and unknown/unapproved devices on your network. We'll also identify areas of risk within the areas of administrative, physical, internal technical, and external technical controls.

As part of the assessment we'll establish a risk register for the organization, and prioritize and plan risk treatment efforts based on cost, effort, level of risk, and benefit to the organization.

Special Price: $5,950

(Regular price: $6,950)

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