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Northwestern College Works With Loffler to Save Money

Higher education institutions are often limited by budget constraints, with departments trying to utilize their budgets as effectively as possible to provide the most education for their students. The IT Department from Northwestern College, based in Roseville, MN, recently teamed up with Loffler to implement a new phone system from NEC.

The specific challenge with this task was centered around the fact the Northwestern College needed a phone system capable of working in conjunction with their radio stations. The college owns and operates 14 different radio stations in the upper-midwest area, and needed a way to tie the phones for these radio stations together. By partnering with Loffler, Northwestern implemented a phone system from NEC, utilizing NEC’s Univerge 3C technology, “a comprehensive, unified communications and collaboration solution that provides powerful voice, data and video capabilities all in a single user experience that can be leveraged across numerous devices”.

The Univerge 3C Telephone Solution, powered by Loffler, ended up being less expensive than other options that were available, mainly a bundled offer from their existing network infastructure provider. It also cut down on their required equipment, taking an entire room of cords and connectors and replacing it with a half rack of equipment, with most of the equipment duties being taken care of by virtual server environments.

By partnering with Loffler, Northwestern College ended up being able to upgrade their equipment to meet the current technical standards, keeping their costs low while providing a much better technology to their campus and extensive radio station network. Learn more about the Univerge 3C Telephony Solution or read the Loffler/Northwestern College Case Study for all the details.

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