Loffler 2023 Special Offers

At Loffler, we want to help you make sure your organization is running as efficiently and securely as possible, so we've put these special offers together to help you get there.

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Level 1 Security Assessment

We'll look at policies and procedures, physical security, and technical aspects of security so you'll know what cybersecurity risks exist in your organization and which ones to focus on over the next 12 to 24 months





90 Days FREE Copier/Printer Service for New Clients

Fast, local, knowledgable and accurate service when you need it most.Our local, specially-trained technicians and trainers are certified experts on the products and services we offer, so you'll be back up and running quickly when an issue arises.




6 Months FREE postage Meter Rental with Postage Machine Purchase

A switch to the new IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia) system will be necessary for all business postage equipment by 2024, at which time IBI postage will become decertified and no longer accepted by the USPS. Get ready now with this special offer, which gives you a year of free meter rental.





Incident Response Planning Engagement

Most cyber insurance underwriters require organizations to have a formal written plan to follow in the event of an actual or suspected cyber security incident. Get yours in place now.




25% Off Your First Mail Services Order

We want to help you understand what is available, so you can determine what you need. If you do not have an IT team, you can outsource all cybersecurity solutions to the experts at an MSP. 




Cybersecurity Insurability Assessment

We'll identify specific, common areas that require attention and provide actionable recommendations so your organization can get into a position to attain the best coverage at the best price.





One-Hour FREE Microsoft Consulting

Make sure you're getting everything you can from your licenses and applications. Includes security and licensing review and more!

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