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Cybersecurity – Who’s Watching My Money?

CyberSecurityNearly everyone who has a banking account or a credit card knows what it’s like to be a target of identity theft or fraudulent financial transactions. If you or a family member haven’t experienced counterfeit credit card or bank charges directly, at a minimum you’ve received letters warning you that your personal data may have been (or was) stolen. Maybe you received a free year of a credit monitoring service as a mea culpa, but your personal information was still compromised.

In the ‘old days’ malicious online behavior focused on defacing web sites or crippling servers through denial of service attacks, activity that could be serious but more often was simply an annoyance.

But more recently, security attacks have become much more sophisticated, focused, and dangerous. These aren’t teenagers showing off their hacking skills. These are talented programmers with a single-minded objective of gathering your critical identity data, and ultimately, your money.

And not surprisingly, banks are one of their biggest targets.

Meet a cybersecurity leader from one of the nation’s largest banks who is in charge of staying a step ahead of the bad guys and protecting your assets.

Jason WittyJason Witty is the Vice President & Chief Information Security Office (CISO) for U.S. Bank, and he will be the featured keynote speaker at this year’s Loffler 2016 TECH FEST on Thursday, September 29. Mark your calendar and join Jason to learn more about the world’s digital threat landscape and what he’s doing to protect a highly visible and highly valuable target like U.S. Bank. And to help his customers with their own security, Jason published an article titled Data Breaches, Hacking and Cybercrime – Oh My!.

In the meantime, contact your Loffler representative for help protecting your information assets and data, and determine if you have any critical vulnerabilities. What can you do to make your environment more secure?

Education – It starts with every employee understanding the problem, the risks, and recognizing unusual activity. Security systems are great, but nothing beats a vigilant workforce.

Understand who in your company has access to which systems – You’ll find that many staff members have unnecessary access to critical data, so update those authorizations and allow access only to those who need it.

Make sure your business has processes and that they are followed – As we mentioned, banks are a prime target for some type of attack on its assets, whether it’s embezzlement from the inside or an exploit from an external group. In Loffler’s experience working with banks, in many cases these threats were identified by staff, not by systems, because a transaction was not following standard procedures.

Secure your technology infrastructure – This means enforcing strong passwords, applying security patches, locking down your workstations and updating antivirus software, leveraging all the threat management features of your firewall, restricting and managing access to your data center, and logging access to all of your critical systems.

Security is truly an on-going, constant process.


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