Cybersecurity Insurability Assessment

Concerned about losing cyber insurance coverage, buying coverage for the first time, or dramatic increases in premiums?

Our Cybersecurity Insurability Assessment can help!

Get a practical assessment of the technologies and processes your organization has in place that cyber insurance underwriters are evaluating. The goal of this engagement is to identify specific, common areas that require attention and provide actionable recommendations so your organization can get into a position to attain the best coverage at the best price.

Assessment Includes:

  • Assessment of 20 common requirements for cyber insurance underwriting
  • Written report of findings and recommendations

Loffler will provide analysis of your current state relative to 20 common underwriting requirements, as well as recommendations about what to address in areas of concern.

You'll gain an understanding of current cyber insurance underwriting requirements before the next renewal and can address these requirements (on your own or with Loffler’s assistance) to make your organization more insurable and/or at a reduced risk of losing cyber insurance coverage.

Customers who address these requirements are in a position to avoid dramatically higher cyber insurance premiums as rates increase across the board

Special Price: $1500  (Regular price: $2000)

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Special Price: $1,500

(Regular price: $2,000)

Let's Talk Cybersecurity Insurability

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