As your organization grows, so does your need for technology, and a well-managed technology ecosystem is important for any organization that plans to scale in the future.

Many organizations find staying on top of current IT trends to be overwhelming, especially when trying to find and retain top-level IT talent.

That's why managed service providers (MSPs) like Loffler offer Managed IT Services. This post takes a look specifically at co-managed IT services as an option for organizations that already have an IT team, and are looking to expand their capabilities.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services enable organizations to combine the internal knowledge of an in-house IT team with the experience of an MSP. With a co-managed IT plan, you can choose which IT projects and tasks to keep in-house and which to outsource. For example, your internal IT staff can focus on larger initiatives that grow your business while your MSP can step in and support your end-users.

While every co-managed IT services plan can be customized to fit an organization's needs, here are 10 features that may be included:

Co-Managed IT Services Can Include:

  • Management of routine tasks to supplement overworked IT staff
  • Extra IT support for larger projects, like server or cloud migrations
  • Access to the expertise of experienced IT engineers
  • Proactive support, like critical alert triage and monthly service audits
  • Proactive security, such as public IP vulnerability scans, dark web monitoring, security awareness training, inventory reporting and reviews of Microsoft security scores and firewall configurations
  • Monitoring and updates, including Windows and third-party app security updates; anti-virus for endpoint and servers; monitoring and alerting for endpoints, servers, network and internet connections and secure remote support tools

A co-managed solution allows your organization to offload some or all of your IT team’s routine tasks. It can also fill in when your IT team is short-staffed due to vacations or sick days.

Loffler Managed IT Services Plans


Who Should Consider Co-Managed IT Services?

Sometimes it isn’t feasible for your IT department to provide 24-hour support, and a co-managed IT services provider is a great option to consider.

A co-managed IT services plan is ideal for organizations that:

  • already have an in-house IT team
  • have more technology needs than their team can handle alone
  • wish to maintain control over their systems
  • are looking for strategy expertise to inform decision making
  • want to outsource day-to-day tasks and/or help desk support
  • need extra help to handle cybersecurity

Clients of co-managed IT services often find their internal teams can focus more on strategic projects, instead of being pulled in different directions to handle everyday tasks. 

What About a Fully-Managed IT Option?

Some organizations need more IT support, and turn to a fully-managed IT services option. This means your entire technology infrastructure is handled by an MSP, and you don’t have to hire and train your own in-house IT staff. You get the expertise of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and the support of highly trained engineers all at a fixed monthly cost.

In this model, the MPS acts as your organization’s IT department. You get the benefit of having world-class industry expertise from an MSP that is responsible for making sure your systems are up to date, responding to problems or helping with whatever issues arise.

Sometimes, organizations are hesitant to turn over their whole IT strategy to a service provider. They want to remain in control of their strategy and decisions, but an experienced MSP will work with you and take time to understand your business ensuring the right decisions are being made to help you succeed.

Find the Right Fit for Your Organization

Outsourcing all or part of your IT needs to an MSP can open your organization to the expertise of multiple subject matter experts, without having to hire them and pay benefits. This is helpful whether you’re supplementing your team, treading water while down a person, or in need of full IT support.

IT services make systems and processes more effective, efficient and secure, which allows your organization to reduce costs and focus on your core business. Interested in learning more? See what it's like to be a Managed IT Services client in our video case study.


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Jordan Polzin

Jordan is an IT Solutions Account Executive at Loffler who helps businesses improve technology. She has been with Loffler since 2013, and has worked in business development and as a trainer and project coordinator for unified communications before moving into her current role. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, watching Vikings football and trying new food.

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