6 Print Management Advantages Found in Loffler’s Client Portal

6 Print Management Advantages Found in Loffler’s Client Portal | Loffler

Loffler’s Client Portal is all about giving you control and visibility. You would expect to be able to place a service call, order supplies, and report meter readings in a customer portal. But these tasks don’t tell the whole story. We have customers managing their printer fleets from our customer portal every day.  

We’ve written before about the importance of knowing where you’re spending money on printers, having that visibility so that you can have control. But how do you do that as the printer fleet manager? Especially if you’re responsible for numerous printers and across multiple locations. How do you keep track of it all? 

That's wherLoffler’s customer portal becomes a valuable tool. Read on to learn about print management advantages the portal gives you: 

Loffler focuses on offering customers efficiency, flexibility, productivity, speed and quality support for office technology and services. Why wouldn’t we offer an online tool to manage printers and copiers the easy way? 

How do we do that? When it comes to managing your copier and printer fleet, we turn to our online customer portal.  

6 Print Management Advantages Found in Loffler’s Client Portal 

1. Fleet Management for One or Multiple Locations 

Keeping track of printers can be a hassle. Especially when there are either a lot of them or not enough of you to do so. Our customer portal gives printer fleet managers the ability to see what’s going on with their entire printer fleet. Usage, supply orders and service calls are all available in one portal. 

2. Control Access 

Customizable login options can be set per log-in (individual or group distributions) to allow access to specific locations and/or features (ie. service calls only or supply orders only). 

On that note, a printer fleet manager can give their team(s) access to request service or order supplies for only the machines they need to access. This puts the fleet manager in control.  

3. Creating and tracking supply shipments 

Orders placed through the portal are linked to Fed Ex for signed delivery verifications. So not only can you order supplies, but you can track them. This gives you real insight into where your supplies are, and when you’ll have them. 

4. Creating and tracking service requests 

Not only can you request service via the customer portal, but you can track the status of the service call. No more wondering when someone is going to arrive to fix your copier or printer

5. Notification Options 

Additional notification options are available for both sales and service requests to be sent to the end users and/or help desk teams for a closed-loop on internal tickets.

6. Meter Readings 

Meter readings can be placed all at once. There’s no need to call in or email meter readings; you can enter them straight into your portal.  

Print management doesn’t have to be a pain if you streamline what you’re doing with Loffler. Our customer portal, combined with our outstanding expertise and customer service, makes your job easier.  

Access Loffler’s customer portal here.

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Alex Nicholas

Alex Nicholas is a sales manager a Loffler Companies. In his role, he works with businesses to find the best fit for their office technology needs, and his expertise spans copiers, printers, document workflow software and IT solutions. In his spare time, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and cheering on any and all Minnesota sports teams.

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