Allied Interstate Medical Forms Reprinting Environment

Allied Interstate Medical Forms Reprinting Environment

Allied Interstate Medicalallied_logo_L Forms Reprinting Environment

Reprinting HCFA and UB-92 medical forms for a large Hospital is a core task performed by the 55 person claims specialists group at Allied Interstate in Minneapolis. Approximately 2,000 forms are reprinted each day with volume projections up to 4,000 forms per day in the immediate future.

Several obstacles have limited the group’s ability to streamlining this core function of reprinting forms, leaving the task a primarily manual procedure. The following steps summarized the old procedure required to complete a form reprint:

  • Accessing the Hospitals network
  • Note forms that require reprinting on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Pass the spreadsheet to a claims specialist with a printer locally attached to the workstation.
  • Looks up the claim a second time and print the form.
  • Route the form back to the claims specialist
  • Manually sort, address, and mail or fax the claim.

Technical Barriers

A key challenge to streamlining the reprint process was in the Hospital’s efforts to enforce HIPAA compliance. Hospital Administrators have disabled a VPN feature commonly known as “split tunneling”. In non-technical terms, this means that while remote claims specialists are attached to the Hospital’s VPN, other conventional networking services are not available to their workstations, including the ability to access other devices (such as network printers) on their HIPAA compliant local network. The presence of this obstacle is the primary reason why the current method of reprinting forms requires looking up claims multiple times, printing only to a local printer, and manually sorting claims after printing.

Client’s Business Objectives

In conversations with Allied, Loffler identified the following areas that were important to Allied’s Managers and Claims Specialists. They were:

  • Provide local workstation based VA forms reprint capabilities to all claims specialists in the group.
  • Provide the functionality to claims specialists to designate special handling such as faxing and the need to include additional required attachments.
  • Store Reprints in an electronic holding area for sorting before printing.
  • Extract key information from the forms to be used for:
    • Destination Sorting and address sheet creation for batch mailing
    • Claim Specialists Performance Metrics
    • Ease of future access in the event that an additional reprint or review is required.
    • Ad-hoc reporting

Benefits and ROI

In looking at an organization’s ROI, results will vary depending on the extent that organization implements the recommended solution. Allied conservatively estimates that the proposed solution will save the fifty five Claims Specialists 3.5minutes per form in processing time. At the current volume of 2,000 forms per day, this equates to a daily savings of 116.6 hours/ day in processing time. At the pay scale of $15.50/ hour this willsave Allied $1,808.39/day or a monthly savings of $39,784.58. The ROI on this project is 2.65 months at 2000 forms/day. If forms processing goes up as anticipated the ROI could be as little 1.32 months(this is based upon 4000 forms/day). This will allow Allied to reassign Claims Specialist to other growing areas without having to hire new employees, or process more claims with the same number of Claims Specialists without having to hire new employees.

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