PrintWise Managed Print Services Solution

PrintWise Managed Print Services Solution

The PrintWise Managed Print Services Solution


PRINTWISE LOGOThe Loffler PrintWise Solution allows your company to save time and money by having an actively managed printer, copier, and fax fleet. As a reliable strategic partner, we can help your company save up to 30% of your total printing costs.

Managed Print printwise pageThe PrintWise Managed Print Service Solution works by simply installing a Data Collection Agent (DCA) on a non-dedicated server at your location. The DCA runs in the background to collect information on your printer, such as toner levels, page counts, error codes, and more. That information is sent to us hourly, and can be seen on our PrintWise Web Browser. Our Solution will help you save money, improve workflow, and save the environment.

If you would like more information on our PrintWise Solution, please download the Managed Print Services overview (pdf) for full details.


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